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Powered remote manipulator

Powered remote manipulator image

The Powered Remote Manipulator (PRM) was designed to deploy size-reduction tools, grippers, decontamination equipment and inspection and characterization tooling into difficult to access areas utilizing a standard long reach manipulator system. 

The manipulator’s thin profile enables the PRM to fit through small tank penetrations and standard MSM openings into hot cells.  Its standard configuration allows the joint links to fold up on themselves providing for a very compact stored position.  The PRM utilizes the latest material technology (carbon fiber) and our proprietary hydraulic joint resulting in a very power dense long reach manipulator that can be deployed from a fixed or mobile platform to solve your challenge.

Key Characteristics of Powered Remote Manipulators:

  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Simple design
  • Standard joint designs
  • Slim profile
  • Used for tank cleaning or confined space applications
  • Various control system options
  • Hydraulic fluid options
  • Smooth profile to aid decontamination
  • Standard design provides 13 reach
  • 110lb payload throughout whole range of movement
  • Tool change system allows for various tooling options



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