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Hazardous waste operations

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James Fisher Technologies (JFT) has successfully developed and deployed a number of products and services used in all phases of hazardous waste handling and disposal.

Our specialty is to provide systems that protect the worker, while efficiently completing the task at hand.  This focus has resulted in the development of modular systems and tools that can be deployed on your site with minimal infrastructure improvements.

Hazardous waste sampling and inspection

The first step in defining the disposal solution is to understand the characteristics of the waste.  JFT provides the systems and tools needed to sample and inspect the waste.  This includes the use of long reach manipulators and tools, ROVs, remote sampling tools, remote visual inspection techniques, LaserScan, Sonar, and the remote deployment of waste characterization tools.

Hazardous waste retrieval

Often the challenges surrounding the retrieval of hazardous waste are compounded due to issues such as limited access to the area, obstructions, and the required dose/containment concerns to keep the workforce safe.  JFT addresses these issues by first providing a complete tool set of deployment vehicles to simplify the issues related to approaching the waste. 

  • Our manipulators provide access into tanks and hot cells through small, existing penetrations. 
  • Our ROVs can provide access to areas in fuel pools and reactor cavities by hovering over the area of concern. 

Utilizing our deployment vehicles we can then use one of our many retrieval tools to break up and recover both liquid and solid waste forms.  We have deployed vacuum systems, simple gripper/grapples, water-jet/hydro-lasing systems, and mechanical scabbling tools.

Modular waste sorting and packaging systems

JFT offers a transportable system that can receive drums full of hazardous waste, segregate out prohibited waste forms, treat the waste, and make it ready for repackaging in a solidified waste form.  The system includes an integrated glovebox and cascading ventilation system to control contamination and protect the workforce.  All of this capability is packaged within a modular facility that can be setup at your site with little upfront capital costs.

Modular liquid waste treatment and packaging

JFT offers a modular, transportable liquid waste treatment facility.  This facility can be used to replace or complement an existing facility affluent treatment plant or be used to process sludge or slurry wastes and make ready for solidification and packaging.  The system utilizes the latest technologies to manage pH, separate solids from the waste stream, treat the water, solidify the waste form and make ready for disposal in a shielded container.

Waste package handling and decontamination

JFT offers a number of material handling and decontamination solutions for waste packages.  These include rail mounted handling systems, turntables and decontamination and swabbing systems.


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